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[It's bright and early in the morning when Vanellope can be seen in the playground outside the school. First period is Writing and there's homework and she forgot, so she's trying to finish hers before the school bell rings. Clearly this means it's okay to be scribbling it down in the journal - she doesn't have any thing else with her, and she can always tear the page out later on!]

cut for image! )

[... Yeah. Anyway, feel free to run into her in the school yard or even respond via voice/written! Just remember, she's gotta make it to first period, so you might not even get replies til lunch or something. ]
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[Hello, Luceti! Have another accidental recording over the journal network. This time, you'll hear is two similarly shrill voices arguing over each other. A peek at the camera reveals something leafy and green...]

Somethin' wrong with your ears, buddy? I already said I'd rather race off a cliff before I'd eat one of those!!

But don't you want to be big and strong like your friend, little girl?

Uh, no? AI's don't grow up to be anything, genius. [DRAMATIC EYEROLL] Also, I don't care what you say, that stuff's nasty.

But it's good for you!

Gross is what it is! Leave me alone!!

[The camera then shifts around, only to show a flurry of pixels flickering in place! When that clears, the setting is clearly different (outdoors this time!) and a nine year old's face is peering into the journal.]

So some kid with a stupid name keeps tryin' to poison me, guys. What do I do?
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[Action, cut for slight spoilers!] )

[Later in the afternoon, when she was somewhat settled and finally convinced that she wouldn't be going home for a while, Vanellope can be found in the middle of town! She's mostly hanging around the bakery, hovering by the window and peering inside at all the the sweet treats ( "Why are they all so freakishly tiny!" ) - but at some points can also be found glitching from shelf to shelf at the grocery, item shop or clothes store at all the things that weren't made of candy!]
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Vanellope's from the end of the movie, so there are a few glaring spoilers that I might not be able to avoid mentioning! It would help a lot if you let me know on this post if you don't want to be spoiled, and if we can work around that.

In addition, Vanellope's from a world of self-aware arcade game/video game characters (as Ralph's own permissions post explains nicely here!). Though she might not recognize as many folks as Ralph would for certain spoilery reasons, she may still recognize a few (because of her canon point!)

TL;DR: If you have plans of seeing the movie but don't want to be spoiled, or if you want to discuss potential 4th walling deets, please do leave a comment with the following info*:

Thank you! ♥

*which has since been edited to add things about 4th walling
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Comments or suggestions on how I play Miss Von Schweetz? Leave a message here (comments are screened, anon is enabled, IP logging isn't!) or feel free to PM me, or drop me a line over at my plurk ([ profile] hibiscusred), please and thanks! ♥


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